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Sri Vijayanidhi Theertha

Brief History of Sri Vijayanidhi Theertha

Ashrama Gurugalu Shri Satyanidhi Teertharu
Ashrama Shisyaru Sri Vignananidhi Theertha
Ruled the samsathana - 1980 1987
Brindavana - Mulbagal

Sri Vijayanidhi Theertha was a BA graduated before taking over the administration of the Mutt. He not only had spiritual and religious knowledge but also had deep knowledge of Ayurveda. He used to give medicine to the poor and needy. He never used to take money for the treatment he used to give. A lot of people used to visit the Mutt to seek medicine and to be treated.

The Mutt prospered well during his tenure.

In 1987, he selected Sri Vignananidhi Theertha as his successor and handed over the administration of the Mutt to him. He was immortalised in Brindavan on Phalguna bahula dwitiya in Mulbagal.

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