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Vijaya Dasa - Gushing Stream of chaithanya:

Vijaya dasa was that Haridasa who has successfully blended at a higher plane. Ananda Theertha's Vyasa sahithya and Sripadaraja's Dasa sahithya. That too in the best proportion and with effortless ease. Indeed he is Bheeshma of dasakula. Brilliance, scholastic skills. Solid stuff, indispensable richness of shasthras, importance of dasa culture were his. With all this he had motivated the pious part of the society to become an electrifying force. He was like meru as for as jnana and spirituality are concerned. Sri Vijaya Dasa excelled both in the fields of sahithya and bhakthi radiating victory and zest. He who had achieved "rasa siddhi" and pristine purity of words explained the principles of Madhwa matha in crystal clear terms. He is a "dasa samrat" who gifted such great souls like Gopala dasa, Jagnnatha dasa & Mohanadasa for the welfare of mankind. He being Bhrigurishi, Madhwapathy and Vijayadasa, caused for perennial flow of bhakthi ganga.Hewas a scholar,. Lucid poet, dasa of astounding detachment, of matchless devotion to Sri Hari and of vast knowledge. He was all these so many in one. Bestower of Jnana, dhyana, manana and nidhi-dhyasana, that was Vijayadasauru. From this living encyclopedia, suladis, keerthanas emerged. Srimadhwacharya's entire siddhantha found a powerful expression in those suladis uplifting commonman.

His birth place is Cheekalaparavi in Raichur district. Utter poverty, no food to eat and bad treatment, drove the boy Dasappa out of his home town. Wandering he reached Kashi. One night in Kasi he saw Shri Purandara Dasa in his dream; That was Sri Hari himself. He took Dasappa to Vyasakashi on the other bank of Ganga and secured the boy the darshan of Vedavyasa writing "Vijaya" on the tongue of Dasappa, and disappeared. From that day he became Vijaya Dasa. Dasappa's hut became Vijaya Dasa's mutt. Entire Sarvajna shasthra flashed across the mind and manifested in the able form of keerthana, ugabhoga and suladi. The place around Raichur even now glows by the "Dasa deevige" lit by Vijayaraya long ago.

Honoured by king and others he made an offering of all his fortunes at the feet of Sriramana. In the krithi "Ninna Olumeyinda" he says "till evening without finding a spoonful of ganji I struggled. Today, because of your love and grace all are coming and honouring me. All wealth, riches, fortunes is your's only. He has saluted Paramathma's immense power. By an ordinary person who used to serve water Viajayaguru made him explain shasthra with ease infront of Sudha pandith Kallur Subbannacharya, who later on got "Vyasa Vittala" ankitha and dasa deeksha . His travel was an an eye opener to thousands of people. They were drawn to the spiritual world and shown new horizons in such an easy Haridasa marga. Advani's Panganamada Thimmanna Dasa got ankitha "Venugopala Vittala" from Vijaya Dasaru, whichfulfilled his life's ambition .

After Purandara dasa fora century the dasa sahithya was in dormant, at the time of Vijayadasa it was revived to its glory. He composed 25,000 krithis, adding them to Purandara Dasa's 4,75,000 to square it to 5 lakh krithis and gifted to the rich sahithya bhandar of Kannada Nadu. They form an invaluable India's spiritual heritage.

In one krithi he prays lord like a child "Duritharashiya Bidisu" meaning "remove me from the heap of problems.

Destroy bad association, make me enjoy the company of your people always, talk about you, take me on the virtuous path, get me to preach the secret knowledge, make me love your lotus feet, catch steadfast devotion to you, drink the nectar of your name, annihilate the cords of various afflictions... O Vijaya Vittala put an end to that cycle of birth and death. In another krithi he prays in a different manner "Ninna Noduvalli Kamave Yenagirali" let me have the desire of beholding you, miserliness of not parting with you, anger with those who hate you, company of those who praise you only, deceit in what is against you... O Vijaya Vittala the complete being."

Vijaya dasa was a "rasa rishi" who was at the peak of sahithya. He asks Hari to grant him the servitude of "His dasa's dasya' redeeming him from sins. Humility stuffed with devotion. In Thirupathi when he could not secure darshan of Srinivasa. He teases lord saying "O, easily accessible Vijaya Vittala, for the sake of devotee you got ready for a marriage' He was that Rasa rishi and intimate bhaktha who can question tease paramathma using gusty words "Kandakandallella kamalanabhana murthy, undu uttaddella Vishnupuje, tanda tandada varthe Varijakshana keerthy" this means whatever one sees it is Hari's prathima, one eats wears it is Vishnu worship, all news are the fame of hari, going here and there it is pilgrimage, your vow getting materialized is the will of hari, if one has to stay, poverty is a good opportunity to do Haribhajan happily , it is hari's order. Vijayaraja was that superior baghavatha who visualized the presence of Hari in all matters and status of life.

The "anusandana" which he had kept in life is exemplary to Haridasakuta and to the satvik world, his music padas ooze out purandara vani and acharya's powerful postulates. In the beautiful garden of his Haridasa sahithya this great soul make many lotus blossom , i.e., Supremacy of Hari, superiority of Vayu in contrast to other jeevas, gradation of Thathvabhimani Devathas, the greatness of theertha kshetras as well as the presiding deities, the true form of bhakthi, glory of murthy, uniqueness of jnana, attainment of detachment of life filled with harichintana etc., helping to get rid off untimely death, making a dullard to recite Sudha, blessing the pandith Srinivasacharya to become the author of immortal work Harikathamruthasara, gifting a treasure called suladis to posterity, clarity of language, ability to explain the meanings of words, shastharas in an easy manner, richness in kavya, reaching the peak of devotion were all his laurels. Sri Viajaya Dasa shone like a precious gem in the crown of dasa Vyasa sahithya empire. He was jnana, bhakthi vairagya personified to the extent. During travels conducting santharpana, rejection of impious arguments and excelling in vaishnav deeksha were true to his knowledge. Truly he can be called a live waterfall, a gushing stream of chaithanya at a depth as a fountain of devotion on for ever.

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