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Sri Swarnavarna TheerthaBrief History of Sri Swarnavarna Theertha

Sri Swarnavarna Theertha looked after the ashram for few years. He also helped the kings in solving the problems faced by them at that time. He traveled to many neighboring states. He once visited Adi Ranga in Srirangapattana and Madhya Ranga in Shivanasamudra, both in Karnataka. He visited Sri Purushottama Theertha in his ashram, which was located at the banks of the Kanva River near Shivanasamudra.

There he saw a young boy who was studying under Sri Purushottama Theertha in his ashram. Sri Swarnavarna Theertha was very much attracted by the boy's talent. He narrated this to Sri Purushottama Theertha and expressed the eagerness to have such a talented disciple. that he requested the boy's parents to send the boy with him. But the boy's parents hesitated to send him.

Then with Sri Purushottama Theertha's intervention, Sri Purushottama Theertha requested the boy's parents to send the boy with Sri Swarnavarna Theertha. the parents accepted to send the boy. Fascinated by this strange incident, Sri Swarnavarna Theertha along with the boy came back to Sri Rangam. In 1412 he arranged for the boy's Bramhopadesham and renamed him as Sri Lakshmi Narayana.

Later Sri Lakshmi Narayana was sent to Sri Vibhudhendra Theertha for education. Sri Lakshmi Narayana stayed with him for eight years and became a learned man. He returned to Sri Rangam after his education.

In 1420 Sri Swarnavarna Theertha made Sri Lakshmi Narayana Muni as his successor and entered the Brindavana in Sri Rangam.

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