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Sri Sudhinidhi TheerthaBrief History of Sri Sudhinidhi Theertha

Sri Hariyappa Charya was actually christened as Sri Sudhinidhi Theertha by Sri Sugnananidhi Theertha. But people continued addressing him as Sri Hariyappa Charya.

He was a great scholar in Mulbagal. He was not only a great scholar but also a great manager the Mutt and the Ashram.

During his regime, the Mutt's branch was included in the main Mutt. Most of the time he stayed in Erode in Tamil Nadu.

Pleased by his knowledge and his behaviour Sri Satyaparakrama Theertha of Uttaradi Mutt's asked Sri Hariyappa Charya to inaugurate the deity of Sri Vedavyasa in the Tirupati Tirchanooru Madhva Unnahini Sabha Mantap.

During his religious discourse, he used to begin with the 'Sumadvijaya'. He translated the 'Sri Manyayasudha' with 'Manimanjari Shloka'. Many scholars of Erode town have learnt from Sri Hariyappa Charya.

He had also great respect towards people was used to follow other traditions. He used to have food with the Smarthas also.

One of the great poets of Kannada and scholar Dr. D V Gundappa who was very much influenced by Sri Hariyappa Charya has written extensively about him in his book 'Mulabagilina Madhva Mahaniyaru'.

Sri Sri Hariyappa Charya was immortalised in Brindavan in 1908 on phaluguna bahula ashtami on Vishwavasu samvatsara.

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