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Shri Sripadaraja is blessed by his guruThe details of Sripadaraja's life are mainly culled out from the songs of Shri Vyasaraja, his illustrious disciple and his Sanskrit composition Pancharatnamala stutis. The Vyasa Yogi Charitam of Somanatha kavi gives the picture of Sri Sripadaraja, Vidya Guru of Sri Sripadaraja.After becoming a Sanyasin, Lakshminarayana Yogi continued his studies under Shri Vibhudendra Tirtha

The Sripadarajashtakam talks about the considerable influence Shri Sripadaraja wielded over the King Saluva Narasimha at Chandragiri. The King, after his return from the Kalinga campaign (in 1476) honored Shri Sripadaraja. Shri VyAsa Tirtha also visited the court of Saluva Narasimha at Shri Sripadaraja's behest.

Sripadaraja had "SUKHA PRARABDHA" i.e., he was destined to lead a regal lifestyle even though he was a saint. Needless to add, he was at heart a total ascetic whose mind was pegged at the lotus feet of Gopalakrishna, but his Prarabdha forced him to enjoy Rajavaibhoga.

It is said that he once gave up his regular ways when some misguided persons objected; then, so many untoward things happened that the same persons begged him to go back to his regular ways. A haridAsa has humorously remarked that little dhruva's penance was so rigorous that the Lord ordained that he would not undergo any hardship in any of his next incarnations. Above all he was a devout bhakta of the Lord.

Once he asked his disciple Vyasaraja to conduct the daily Puja in his absence. Shri Vyasaraja saw that one Sampusta (box containing divine Vigrahas) had had never been opened so far. Out of curiosity, he tried to open it, and succeeded immediately. He was astounded when a beautiful Vigraha of Lord Gopala Krishaa Vigraha came out of the box and began to dance in front of him. He was so engrossed that he used the Saligrama as Tala.

When Sripadaraja entered the Puja hall, Krishna froze in the middle of the dance. Sripadaraja presented this icon to Vyasaraja and told him "I could not open the box, only you were destined to open it. So this Vigraha morally belongs to you". Even today, this miraculous Vigraha, with its unusual pose, is worshipped by saints of the Vyasaraja MaTha.

The King of Vijayanagara was a pious ruler. Once, due to unavoidable circumstances, the king became indirectly responsible for the death of the Priests of the Tirupati Temple and got Bramha hatya Dosha (an extremely heinous sin).

The King came to Sripadaraja and surrendered at his feet, asking for relief from the sin. Sripadaraja, who knew the inherent noble nature of the king, and also the circumstances that led to the killing, performed many Yagnas and Pujas on behalf of the king and wiped out his Bramha Hatya Dosha.

The King was overcome with relief and gratitude. As a token of gratitude, the King requested Sripadaraja to sit on the throne so that he could perform Kanakabisheka. Sripadaraja told the king that as a Sanyasi he was least interested in such ceremonies. The King begged him repeatedly and finally Sripadaraja acceded to his request.

The King performed Kanakabhisheka. The king of Vijayanagara continuously requested Sripadaraja to settle down in his kingdom, and become his Raja-Guru. Sripadaraja declined to do so due to old age, but agreed to send his beloved disciple Shri Vyasaraja instead. Thus Shri Vyasaraja became the Raja-Guru of the Vijayanagara empire.

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