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Sri Sripadaraja TheerthaBrief History of Sri Sripadaraja Theertha

Sri Lakshmi Narayana Muni stayed in Sri Rangam and worshiped Sri Ranganatha. At that time, the Srivaishnavas wrote verses and poems praising lord SriRanga in Tamil. Impressed by this, Sri Lakshmi Narayana Muni decided to fulfil his desire of translating 'harisarvothamatatwa' advocated by Sri Madananda Theertha to Kannada, so that common people could experience the eternal bliss hidden inside these works.

Thus by translating them to Kannada he guided common people to experience the significance of Madhwa philosophy like the pole star. Sri Lakshmi Narayana Muni who is believed to be the incarnation of Dhruva became famous as Sri Sripadaraja.

Knowing about the significance of Mulbagal, the adobe of Lord Yoga Narasimha, he decided to settle there. Very much pleased by his knowledge the residents of Mulbagal and the scholars made him the head of their educational institution. Not only this but the Veerashaivas decisively handed over their Mutt to him.

Sri Sripadaraja then wrote 'Vagvraja', his only work in Sanskrit. He continued writing in Kannada while he asked his disciple Sri Vyasaraja to write in Sanskrit. In his writings he have more emphasis to Bhakthi. He was known as Dasa Pantha Pravarthaka and one who positioned Ganga in Narasimha Theertha.

After serving for more than six decades, in 1504, Sri Sripadaraja selected one of his disciples as his heir and named him Sri Hayagreeva Theertha. He entered the Brindavan on Jeshta shudha chaturdashi near Sri Narasimha Theertha near Mulbagal when he was alive. He is still placed there fulfilling the wishes of people who go to him.

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