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Sri Satyanidhi Theertha

Brief History of Sri Sri Satyanidhi Theertha Sripadangalavaru

34th peetathipathi in the parampara of Sri Sripadaraja Mutt.
Poorvasharama Name: Hebbani Sri Krishna Murthy Achar
Ashrama Gurugalu Sri Sri Dayanidhigalu
Ashrama Shisyaru Sri Sri Vijayanidhigalu
Ruled the samsathana - 1955 1980
Brindavana - Mulbagal

Sri Satyanidhi Theertharu was involved in the Sri Mutt activities from age of 10. He had the madhwa shastra education under his poorvashrama father Sri Medhanidhigalu and later under his ashrama Gurugalu Sri Sri Dayanidhigalu. In his poorvasharma, he was the MLA of Mulbagal taluk (under Mysore Government). He was both looking after the mutt as mutt sarvadhikari and also in the field of social service.

In the year 1955, Sri Sri Dayanidhigalu initiated Sri Hebbani Krishna Muthry Achar into duriashrama and gave him the name Sri Sri Sathyanidhigalu. Sri Sri Dayanidhigalu, after the shisya sweakara, lived for another 6 years. In that 6 years period not even one time interfered in the Mutt administration. Everything has been entrusted to the Junior swamiji. That is the amount of vairagya, senior srigalu had.

Swamiji toured the entire south India extensively especially, Salem, Erode, Sri Rangam, Pollachi, Coimbatore, Chennai, etc. He spent most of his time in the Japa. He use to do the Hamsa manthra japa extensively. Even in his ripe age of 100 also, he never used back support during sitting. Never slept in the afternoon. His food habits are very very strict, never took heavy meals. He did Sri Raghavendra swamy brindavana prathista in many places, Thirumala, Pollachi, Dharmapuri, Bangalore, Mysore KRS, etc.

During his advanced age made visit to Udupi for the Sri Krishna darshana. Sri Bala Krishna Rayaru (Dasa Prakash group) made the arrangements for the swamijis Udupi visit. He took care even a smallest detail so that the swamiji could have a comfortable travel and stay.

Swamiji was responsible for the large-scale development of the Mutt. He toured extensively and got back the various landed property which are in the name of Sri Mutt.

Swamiji use to do mudradharana to all the shisyas. During that time if a small child is there, then he use to wipe the mudra in his wet cloth, he ensured himself that the mudra is cool and then only applied to small children. That is the amount of concern for shisyas.

He lived upto 102 years and was doing the Samsthana pooja even at the age of 102. He handed over the samsthana to Sri Jayarajachar and named him as Sri Sri Vijayanidhi Theertha.

Sri Satyanidhi Theertha was immortalised in Brindavan in Mulbagal on Ashada bahula shashti in the year 1980.

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