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Prasanna Venkata Dasaru:

Kakhandaki Prasanna Venkata Dasa of Bagalkote, has enriched dasa sahitya in a different way by bringing together Kannada, Marati and urdu languages. Though he was poor in sahithya. His keertanas are nectar for the ears. His Bhagavatha in kannda is something special. He was an able person, he had been brought up as a common man to peshwa, he had influence every one through of bhakthi with the help of his dasa sahithya.

Dasa's period was 1680 to 1752. He popularly known as Kakhandki dasa. He showed respect to Purandara Dasa and praises him as "He is always interested in the lotus feet of Vyasaraya. He is an ocean of upanishath Kavikula shikamani. He is satisfied with a few things. One who saw gold and mud equal. A great devotee of Hari. He had no desire and anger for the welfare of people, he composed Krithis. He showed the pious path to salvation, a great soul who pleased Vittala by his gita suladi ugabhoga, padas."

Once an elder, Bajeeraya came to Bagalkote. He wanted to see Prasanna Venkata Dasa. The peshwa sent his karanika to bring dasaru with all honours. The karanika came and informed dasaru of the invitation. He had kept one silver pen on the ear,. Dasaru asked him "What is it, ear ornament?" The karanika replied that it was a present given by Shrimantha peshwa had given for his writing. Dasaru remarked "then you are modern Ganapathi in writing. Now I will tell you one pada you should write it as I go on telling. If you complete that then you are worthy of that reward "Then he sang this krithi "Yantha Shreemanthaananthaanu".

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