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The Challenge of the Millennium

If one wants to be free,the one has to look at what it means to be free and have an absolute relationship to life which is not taught or taken from one's habit of doing.

Inorder to see the commonly unseen, listen to the commonly unheard,experience the ability to feel the unfelt,One has to know the unknown through the known.The Power of being One's self implies A to Z of ancient wisdom.

Knowledge grows to wisdom if one understand what is known (Modern science in context with vedas)

Enlightened living leads us to explore further the art of knowing the unknown power of the almighty is supreme.


The greatest power of knowledge leads us to knwo who are we and to attain liberation.

The unknown in every single moment is included in the known.

The Greatest Challenge is to know "that unknown" that liberates us through the known.

About Sri Sripadaraja Mutt

Sri Sripadaraja mutt, one of the main mutts propunded by Sri Madhavacharya is one of the very ancient universities of india and has a glorious lineage of Sri Sripadaraja, a great educationlist,philosopher,pioneer of HARIDASA PARAMPARA.

About National Institute of Vedic Sciences

National Institute of Vedic Sciences is an autonomous institute budding under the stewardship of Sri Sri 108 Sri Vignananidhi Theertha Swamiji,pontiff of Sri Sripadaraja Mutt.

Our main interesr is to propagate the studies in Vedic literature through integration of the modern Science and Technology with them.

We are looking forward for a day on which Studies pertaining to Vedic literature become a core curriculum in all schools and college.

With this in goal we are planning to conduct full time courses in Vedic sciences right from plus 2 level to Post Graduate level combine3d with research work leading to Doctoral studies & further research.


This first Sympsium is planned for three days slit inti six sessions with the following goals.

To awaken every Indian about the need of serious concentration r5equired for studies pertaining to Vedic literature i.e., Vedas,Ithisas and Puranas.

To bring about awareness of Science and Technology hidden in Vedic literature apart from the Spiritual dimensions.

To bring together the Vedic Scholars and Scientists on a common platform for an interactive echange of ideas.

To uphold the greatness of Indian Philosophy..

For Further Details, please contact

Prof. Dr. C.R.Vijayasimhachar, M.E.,M.Tech,PhD(II SC)
Ph No: 080-26615051

Vidwan H.B.Lakshminarayana,M.A.,M.Phil

Sri Sripadaraja Mutt.
58,Raghavendra Colony
Bangalore 560018
Ph No: 080-26673032

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