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Temples in Mulbagal Town :

This place was famous as moodala or mulubagilu since it was the eastern door of the sacred kshethra, Bhoovaikunta or Thirupathi. The sthalapurana goes to say that Koundinya rishi did penance here. Anjanadri mountain where Anjanadevi did tapas to get worthy son is also here. In Dwapara yuga, the flag post in the chariot of Arjuna given by Agni had the sannidhya of Hanumantha. After the war Arjuna led by Krishna installed that Anjaneya here. There is a puranic story also that daily kethaki flower is offered to Hanumantha here everyday.

Agastheshwara installed by sage Agasthya is also here in the middle of the town and this idol is very old . This temple has not seen the light for some time. Recently, a few devotees have strived hard to renovate it with the help of Archak. at present it has gained its past glory and pride and now it has attracted the devotees and the Deity has a great power to bestow all the good to its devotees.

Viroopakshi, is a village 2 kilometers away from the town towards south. There exists Viroopaksheswara Swamy temple, identical in archetecture to that of Hampi temple. On Rathasapthami day only after sunrise, the rays of the sun fall on the linga in the sanctum sanctorum. That is how the gopuram of the temple has been constructed..

In the heart of the town Vittalanarayaswamy temple exists , The Panduranga of Pandhrapur had been kept here for sime time with the fear of invasion. At the time of Sripadaraja, that was shifted from mulbagal to Pandrapur and an idol of Vittala was installed here. A stone inscription before the temple explains this.Vittalanarayana is worshipped as Kshetramurthy. This town has hosted all the schools of thought say; Veerashivas, Shiaivites, Vishistadwaitins, Dwaitins and others. This was known as the second capital of Vijayanagar empire.

The then Rajaguru of Vijayanagar kings, Vidyaranya belongs to Adwaitha school and Akshobhya theertha to Dwaitha school, had made Mulubagilu as their platform for vadagosti. Vidyaranya, was famous as shaddarshanacharya. Akshobhya theertha was well known for his argumentative skills and Scholarship. "The heat of vedavidya generated by the lions at war in a dense forest had made mulubagil a place of high activity. Vedanta desika of Visishtadwaitha stood there to deliver the judgement, in that intellectual war fought at that high level. Yukthi-prayukthi the narrative style, tarka-nyaya etc., where the deciding factors encircled by impartiality, scholastic eminence and objectivity. Vijayanagar and Anegundi Keladi kings as well as eminent pandiths were present to honour the victory decision.

Akshobhya theertha had camped in the cave in front of the shiva temple on Hanchukallu betta in Mulubagilu and Vidyaranya in a cave even now called Vidyaranya guha. .

The meaning of "Tatvamasi" shruthi was the topic of the debate. Akshobhya muni rejected Vidyaranya's interpretation of the shruthivakhya as per yukthi, with the help of nigama agama pramanas and established sarvajna sidhanta. It was a critical, specific, clear and a suited explosion of pramana vakyas. The scholars who were witnessing Akshobhya theertha's oration flowing smoothly like Ganga with pristine purity and like the sound of ocean with all its dignity were held spellbound. The judge Vedanta Desika wrote his decision in the form of shloka and sent. "Asinaa thatva masinaa parajeeva prabhedina, Vidhyaranya maharanya Akshobyamuni rachinath" with the help of the sword "tatvamasi" which actually means difference between jeeva and Brahma, Akshobya yathi felled the dense forest called Vidyaranya. To commemorate this event a victory post was erected on that mountain top. The public debate between Akshobhya theertha and Vidyaranya that took place and Vedanta Desika's judgement shloka were inscribed for record on a pillar post and it was called as jayasthamba.

At Narasimha theertha near Mulubagil Akshobhya theertha, using angaara sketched Lord Narasimha before entering the debate and later on the murthy was formed its own. Vyasaraja installed Hanumantha to augment the sannidhana vishesha of the Divine place. To this sacred kshethra students came for learning dwaitha darshana and tatvajnana under Sripadaraja from all parts of the country.

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