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Sri Medhanidhi TheertharuBrief History of Sri Medhanidhi Theertharu

Sir Srinivasacharya was brother-in-law of Sir Hariyappa Charya (Sri Sudhinidhi Theertha). He was christened as Sri Medhanidhi Theertha by Sri Sudhinidhi Theertha and was made the head of the Mutt.

He worshipped Lord Gopinatha and helped in increasing the wealth of the Mutt. He travelled extensively in the Mysore state and preached everywhere he went. He shared his vast knowledge with his disciples and made them scholars.

Sri Medhanidhi Theertha was a well-known Ayurvedic expert too. During his period the Mutt used to celebrate all the ceremonies and poojas with much reverence and grandeur. The Mutt prospered well during his tenure.

In 1926 he nominated his son-in-law Sridwipayanacharya as his successor and named him as Sri Dayanidhi Theertha. He was immortalised in the Brindavan on karthika amavasya of Vibhava samvatsara near the Brindavan of his guru Sri Sudhinidhi Theertha in Erode.

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