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Birth Of Sri Sripadaraja

Abbur, a remote village of Chennapatna taluk of Bangalore District, is a place of abundance in Nature's gift and a sacred place too. A hermitage in the midst of a dense forest close to Kanva river where devotees throng to bathe in the river and get the blessings of the saint Sri Brahmanyateertha. The brindavan stands gloriously. He was a great ascetic and a brahmarishi, who had siddhi in tapas and chastity in speech. He is a depository of manthras and had control over senses, pure in practices and earned the love of Lord Krishna.

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Studies of Sri Sripadaraja

The details of Sripadaraja's life are mainly culled out from the songs of Shri Vyasaraja, his illustrious disciple and his Sanskrit composition Pancharatnamala stutis. Other sources are the famous suladi by Shri Vijayadasa, and Shri Shrinidhi Tirtha's Sripadarajastakam and lastly Bhimacarya's Shri Purnabhoda Guruvamsha Kalpataru.

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Sanyasa Diksha of Sri Sripadaraja

The boy was none other than Druvamsha. Sri Swaranarna yathi was a great tapasvi and the radiance arising out of bramacharya resulted in the form of Sri Swarnavarna that brightened up the surrounding like the golden hue spilling out a brightly polished gold prathima which lights up the area around.

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Speciality in teaching :

During his life time Sripadaraja taught sarvamoola granthas for forty times together with teeka. He used to take lessons himself paying full personal attention to students in dwaitha vidyapeeta at Mulubagilu so that the students absorb Madhwa's tatvajnana completely, Sripadaraja guru's style of teaching is explained through the following story.

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Ganga near Sri Sripadaraja:

Sripadaraja has his brindavana at a place called Narasimha Theertha, about a mile from Mulabagilu, on the Bangalore and Madras national highway. There is an interesting anecdote about Narasimha Theertha which goes as follows:

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