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Sri Gunanidhi TheerthaBrief History of Sri Gunanidhi Theertha

Before taking up the responsibilities of the Ashram, Sri Gunanidhi Theertha was a great scholar in the Asthan of Mysore. After he took the charge of the ashram, he once visited mysore.

The King was very much pleased and gave the Mutt a lot of donations. He gave the mutt the required land in Thayuru and Muguru for construction of the temple. He also gave agricultural land in Periyapatna.

During Deepavali, Ugadi and other festivals, the King used to supply all the pooja materials required by the Mutt. Under Sri Gunanidhi Theertha's time the Mutt prospered well. He travelled extensively within the state of Mysore and held religious discourses.

In 1804, he entered Brindavan in Thayuru on the banks of river Kapila on Magha bahula sapthami.

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