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Gopala dasa power of Bhakthi:

Gopala dasa wanders with ease in the world of bhakthi. In the path of devotion the power of his poetic skill is simply exemplory. He has the "Sakshathkara" of Paramathama in his Suladis. All the things in universe, living and non-leaving are there to kindle bhakthi in which the Supreme. That is why he has earned the title "Bhakthiyalli Baghanna". He is the foremost amongst the shishyas of Vijaya dasa. Becoming a dasa he trode the royal path shown by Vijaya Dasa and showed that all paths of devotion converge at the point where the almighty stands. Gopala dasa has offered the blossom of his sahithya filling it with the fragrance called Ananda theertha's at the feet of sri Hari.

In the village of Mosarakallu near Devadurga in the district of Raichur, Baganna was born to Murariraya and Venkamma. He had to experience the pangs of poeverty when he was young. This led him to Uthanuru and there in the temple of Prana deva he stayed with his mother and brothers. He focussed his attention on japa, Thapa and anushtana of Gayathri manthra and did sadhana for two years. Pleased Vedamatha, granted him siddhi in Gayathri Manthra. After that whatever he spoke it started becoming true. Goddess of fortune smiled on Bhaganna who began to predict for the public. This news reached the ears of Gadwal king who approached him to hear his fortune. He was very much pleased and devotedly offered Bhaganna, land, horse etc., appreciating his power of speech. Though Bhaganna had knowledge of past, present and future had to spend some time as guest with Thimmanna, diwan of Advani. Then with "Venkatakrishna" ankitha he composed some songs and started singing them. At that time he met Vijaya Dasa obtained "Gopala Vittala" ankitha. keerthanas and suladis. He secured Vijayaraya's blessings and affection by composing hundreds of keerthanas and suladis. He initiated his brothers in the Dasa deeshka they are - Seenappa, Dasappa, Rangappa with Dasa ankitha as "Varada Gopala Vittala" Guru Gopala Vittala" and "Tande Gopala Vittala" respectively and made them also kerrthanakaras. Many Haridasas were led in his path of Hari shradha, dhyana and bhakthi, this was his gurukanike.

Haridasakula and all the pious salute Gopala dasa as the karna of kaliyuga, sacrifice personified, who gave away forty years of his life to shri Jagannatha dasa who gifted to the sathvik world, Harikathamruthasara, an ocean of thathvas, as per the suggestion of his guru Vijaya Dasa.

Gopala Dasa showed Srikrishna to Helavanakatte Giriamma, a great devotee in the rangoli drawn by her invitation. Venkata Ramacharya was introduced to dasa pantha and given "Vasudeva Vittala" ankitha and made him a great Haridasa. By his new poetic skills, dignity of thathvas, sweet simple language, beauty of meaning and above all keerthanas, suladis rich with inner meaning Vasudeva Vittala became famous as Vyasathathvajna. On account of "Sukhaprarabda", Gopala dasa had horse ride, tasted good rich food, smeared suganda dravyas. The essence of his life principle is hidden in his Vairagya suladi". From Badari to Rameshwara he visited all theertha kshethras and when only pandarapur was left, he felt Vittala riding horse came to him and asked him, are you not coming to see me. After this experience he visited Pandarapur also.

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