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Ganga comes to Narasimha Theertha

Sripadaraja has his brindavana at a place called Narasimha Theertha, about a mile from Mulabagilu, on the Bangalore and Madras national highway. There is an interesting anecdote about Narasimha Theertha which goes as follows:

It is said that when he was at his old age, he wanted to have Ganga-snana, but could not travel all the way up north. Ganga then appeared before him and said that she herself would come to Narasimha Theertha and stay there for ever. From then on, a dip in Narasimha Theertha is considered to be equivalent to a dip in Ganga.

The following stotra in honor of Sripadaraja was composed by Vyasaraya

Tham vande narasimha theertha nilayam Sri vyasaraja poojitham
Dhayantham manasa nrusimha charaaam SrIpadarajaram gurum.
Pada Vakya Pramatabhyam Vikreedana Visharadam
LakshmiNarayana Muneem Vande Vidya Gurunmama.

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