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Some well known Haridasas of 19th Century:

Sri Vyasa Vittala Dasa : Formerly known as Kallur Subbannacharya, he obtained deeksha from Vijaya Dasa and composed several krithis bearing the ankitha" Vyasa Vittala". An eminent sanskrit scholar he was. He performed "Shrimannyayasudha" mangala many times. Vijayakavacha composed by this Haridasa is like Vajrakavacha of Haridasa Sahithya.

Sri Varada Gopala Vittala Dasa: Sheenappa by name he was the brother of Sri Gopala dasa. He has composed pada padya and suladis obtaining "Sri Varada Gopala Vittala" ankitha from his brother.

Sri Guru Gopala Dasa :Dasappa was the brother of Gopala Dasa he studied shasthra under Sri Vyasathathvajna. Taking Haridasa deeksha from his brother, he has composed many krithis bearing "Sri Guru Gopala Vittala" ankitha.

Sri Tande Gopala Vittala Dasa : He was also the youngest brother of Gopala Dasa His name was Rangappa. Securing from his brother "Thande Gopala Vittala" ankitha he became a Haridasa and has composed many krithis.

Sri Pranesh Vittala Dasa: His original name was Yogeendrappa. He was very dear to Sri Jagannatha Dasa. He got the ankitha "Pranesha Vittala" from him and composed several fine krithis which are full of nine kavya rasas. When he was studying Parsi language he was influenced by the teachings of Jagannatha Dasa. He gave up wordily desires, and became a Haridasa. His krithis are of superior degree and it is a rich contribution to Haridasa sahithya bhandar.

Shreeda Vittala Dasa : Dasappa by name he was a great pandith of karjagi forsaking worldly desires and riches he obtained "Shreeda Vittala" ankitha by Jagannatha dasa and composed several krithis in a simple beautiful style.

Sri Varaha Thimmappa Dasa : His original name is Krishna raya. Born in a village near Udupi he became the disciple of Krishnapur mutt yathi Shri Vibudendra theertha. Haridasa has written krithis keeping the ankitha "Varaha Thimmappa".

Sri Keshava Vittala Dasa: Subbanna dasa of Gudwal got the ankitha Keshava Vittala. He was one of the main shishyas of Gopala Dasa. His padas are with rhyme and style.

Sri Abhinava Janardana Vittala Dasa: He is Prema Dasa of Somapura and a shishya of Shri Jagannatha Dasa. He was uniquely blessed by Shri Guru Raghavendra Swamy of Manthralaya. He became Abhinava Janardhana Vittala Dasa. He has composed many krithis on Gururaja which are very popular.

Sri Gururpranesha Vittla Dasa: He is the son of Shri Pranesha Dasa, he became a shishya of Jagannatha Dasa and learnt from him the essence of Vyasa-Dasa sahithya obtaining from his father the ankitha "Guru Pranesha Vittala" he has composed very simple nice kirthis.

Sri Manohara Vittala Dasa: Bugghaladinni Narappa has Shri Jagannathe Dasa as his guru his krithis exhibit his many poetic skills and style of his own. His kavya kruthi "Anantha Katha" is even now being sung in many house holds.

Sri Ananda Dasa of Surapura: He was an extrodinary scholar in sangeetha vidya though he was patronized by royalty he had Shrisha dasa as his preceptor. Giving up worldly pleasure he became a Haridasa securing the ankitha "Shri Kamalesha Vittal". His krithis are very popular by their literary and philosophical values.

Sri Tande Shripathi Vittala Dasa: Venkata dasa of Gadwal obtained from Shripathi Dasa "Tande Shripathi Vittala" Ankitha composed many Krithis.

Sri Deepad Annaidasaru: He has composed many Krithis bearing the ankitha "Srinidhi Vittala". He had obtained Thirupathi Srinivasa's special grace. He was blessed with a vigraha of chandana Venkatesha which he had secured in Swami Pushkarani. Even now it is with his family members exhibiting immense mahima.

Sri Shrisha Pranesha Vittala Dasa: He was grandson of Shri Pranesha Vittala Dasa. Ramadasa by name he was born by the blessings of Shri Jagannatha Dasa. Getting dasa deeksha from his grand father he has composed krithis bearing the ankitha "Shrisha Pranesha Vittala".

Yeri Shesha Dasa : Krithi on Srinivasa Kalyana bearing the ankitha "Yer Venkata" is very well known. The author of this is Shri Yeri Shesha Dasa. This kruti was omposed at Tirupati in a short time of enty into entrance door to the Sanctum sanatorium. It has sanskrit shlokas and kannada padas. He was a native of chinthamani.

Sri Ramapathi Vittala Dasa: Sri Naregalla Ramadasa was the sister's son of Shrida Vittala dasa obtaining ankitha from Karjagi Theerthapada Vittala Dasa he has composed several krithis with the ankitha "Ramapathi Vittala" They are in simple style.

Sri Modalakallu Shesha Dasa: He had the special anugraha of Sri Vijaya dasa and by tapas he has obtained the grace of Shri Hari Vayu giving up the material pleasures. He had the fortune of getting "Sri Guru Vijaya Vittala" ankitha from Sri Vijaya Dasa in dream. Manifesting immense mahime Modalakallu Shesha Dasa shone as a great Haridasa. The postulates of dwaitha siddhantha have come out in simple manner in his krithis. Even now Modalakallu remains sacred. powerful haridasa, kshethra.

Sri Honnali Venkata Dasa: Highly popular kirthi "Hadinalku lokha datha" which means Sri Hari the giver or bestower of every thing to the fourteen worlds is the messenger of Pandavas, belongs to the ankitha Sri Venkata Vittala. He obtained dasa deeksha from Vijayadasa. He was a friend of Jagannatha Dasa. His krithis are simple full of emotions and devotion. The fact that Sri Mohanadasa a close shishya of Vijaya Dasa has himself written down all the krithis shows his speciality.

Sri Rajagopala Dasa: He was a shishya of Karjagi Shri Galagali Gopala Krishnachar. He is famous as karjagi Rajagopaladasa. His krithis have style of their own.

Sri Varadesha Vittala Dasa: Grandson of Shri Pranesha Dasa he had obtained the special grace of Sri Raghavendra Swamy. It is said once he had the darshan of Sri Raghunatha Theertha in Anu Manthralaya sacrificing worldly life he obtained deeksha from Kosagi Guru Jagannatha Dasa who hailed from Sri Gopala Dasa's shishya parampara and was blended with "Varadesha Vittala" ankitha. He knew Sanskrit, Kannada and other local languages as well as foreign languages. His Kannada, Pada, Padya and suladis are lovely.

Sri Guru Jaganatha Vittala Dasa: Shi Guru Jagannaitha Vittala" has composed many Krithis both in Kannada and Sanskrit. His original name was Kosagi Swami Ramacharya. He was a great Pandith in Sanskrit. His Krithis are famous for their rhyme dignity and doctrines.

Lineage of Haridasas in Ascending (Arohana) order

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