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About (Dhruvaraja) Sripadaraja:

Sri Sripadaraja (the saint of saints) is none other than the very incarnation of Shri Dhruva raja, the son of King Uttanapada.

DhruvaDhruva Raja also called as Sripadaraja doing prayer to Narayana

Prince Dhruva at the age of five aspired to sit on the lap of his father, king Uttanapada. But he was denied this privilege by his step mother, Suruchi, who exercised great influence on his father and was told that he could enjoy the privilege aspired for, only on being born as her son. Being vexed at this, he was advised by his own mother, sunithi, to pray God to accomplish his desire. Accordingly, Dhruva went to the dense forest to offer prayer to Lord Shriman Narayana.

On the way to the forests, Narada Maharishi blessed him with Dwadasaksara mantra for his prayers. Prince Dhruva faithfully and strictly followed the advice and started his penance standing on the toe of his right leg with folded hands and prayed the Lord.

During his prayers he preferred to pray merely eating fallen green leaves and water for some time and continued the penance with mere water for some more time.

Further his prayers were continued with no food or water but by mere breathing. When he could not see the Lord even at the cost of deep devotional prayers, he stopped breathing and prayed the Lord by holding his breath.

This was the height of penance anybody at any age (dhruva was only five then) could undertake. This resulted in the blocking of the breath of all the divine beings of the other world and having suffered suffocation, the Devas prayed the supreme to relieve their suffocation.

Dhruva When the Supreme Lord could not test any further the boy's sincere prayers, he immediately came down to the Dhruvaraja's place without even informing his concert Shri Lakshmi and stood before the boy. However, Dhruvaraja did not open his eyes inspite of the Lord standing before him. Thus the Lord who was being seen by Shri Dhruva in his inner vision disappeared from his inner vision when Shri Dhruva opened his eyes to see the same form of the Lord as was seen in his inner vision.

At the sight of the Lord, Dhruva was dumb founded and could not speak anything because of over joy. By the grace of Mahalakshmi he was able to praise the Lord who bestowed him the kingship of the kingdom for 36000 years after which he was made the Emperor of Dhruva Mandala for a period of one Brahma Kalpa, which is 100 years of Brahma.

Dhruvaraja now being the king of Dhruva Mandala is in-charge of controlling the Navagrahas, the Kalachakra, etc. His Loka Dhruvaloka is situated 13 Lakh Yojana above Rushi Mandala from where he controls the movement of Sun, Moon & other planets. Dhruvaraja holds his office of the emperorship of the Dhruvaloka for that period.

Since this is an official post - Dhruvaraja thought that he would not be entitled to attain Moksha, the desired goal of every soul. He wanted to know the attributes of God in a disciplined manner during a lifetime in a place designated for the purpose in the universe i.e. Bharata. Accordingly, Dhruvaraja came down to the earth in an Amsha and assumed Sanyasa to complete his Sadana and goes by the name Shri Sripadaraja

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